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1. What is Jojo Online Interior Design?
.   A cost effective way to use the services of a qualified interior designer over the internet.

2. Why should I use Jojo Online Interior Design rather than finding a local designer?
  Jojo Online Interior Design is a service catering to homeowners who are happy doing some of the leg work themselves.  This technique appeals to clients because they benefit from our experience and guidance while keeping their design costs down.

3. Will I be working one-to-one with a designer?
.   Yes, you will be working one-to-one with a designer throughout your project.

4. How do I pay Jojo Online Interior Design?
.    The fixed price payment can be made by credit/debit card over the phone, bank transfer, cheque or via PayPal online.

5. How can you guarantee that the paint colours and fabrics will look as good in my room when they can look different on the computer?
  When we select paint colours we do not do this online, we use large samples from national companies. We will supply you with all the product reference numbers so you can visit a local store to check out the colours/textures.

6. What stores does Jojo Online Interior Design represent?
  We do not represent any stores or manufactures so we can select items from anywhere.

7. Where do I buy the products Jojo Online Interior Design recommends?
.   All product recommendations can be purchased online from well-established retailers.

8. When you have completed my design is it going to be expensive for me to buy the recommended items?
.   We will design your room based on the budget you have given us so it won’t cost more than you expect. If the initial budget is unrealistic it will be brought to your attention during the telephone consultation.

9. I am so busy; can you order the products you have recommended for me?
.   Yes ,we are happy to place orders for you. We charge a 10% fee for this service.

10. How can my room design be custom made, won’t it look like the rooms              ordered by everyone else?
.     Jojo Online Interior Design is a custom online interior design service. The room we design is for you alone and we design it with your unique requirements in mind.

11. Why do I need to photograph and measure my room?
.      When we design your room we take into consideration the size, door and window placement and where the furniture will fit, as well as proportion and scale.

12. If I don’t want to measure and photograph my room can I still order a room .         design?
.     Yes, but the space will be generic rather than customised.

13. I want to use some of my favourite pieces of furniture and accessories, can you utilise these into the design?
.     We are very happy to intergrate any existing furniture or items into your new room design. We will require photographs and measurements of each item.

14. If I order more than one room to be designed can I use a different style?
.     Yes, you can have as many styles as you like.

15. How long will the interior design room project take?
.     We will produce your  finished design within 28 days but most designs are completed within 14 days.

16. How do you show the final design and what exactly will I get?
.      You will receive by email:
  • a custom made design board
  • a floor plan
  • 3D image of your room
  • a detailed shopping list - Product recommendations, prices & where to buy

17. What happens if I don’t like my room design?
.      If you are unhappy with your design we will arrange a telephone consultation and then alter the design to meet your needs.

18. What happens to my personal information and photos?
       We keep your information on file but do not pass any information to any other companies.

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